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Computer Vision and Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing is gathering information about the Earth via recording the electromagnetic radiation from its surface through air-borne or space-borne platforms.  It has many applications in meteorology, oceanography, fishing, agriculture, biodiversity conservation, forestry, landscape, geology, cartography, regional planning, education, intelligence and warfare. For example, remotely sensed satellite images like hyperspectral, multispectral each have several bands and these bands are enriched with lots of information that are entitled to several types of research like change detection, climate change, crop monitoring, deforestation, surveillance, classification and many others. Our researchers have shown improvements of computer-based approaches to remote sensing as reflected by the publication of the group.  

Deep Learning Deep learning is representation learning: the automated formation of useful representations from data. How we represent the world can make the complex appear simple both to us humans and to the machine learning models we build.

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, in other words, is a specialized field that includes solving biological (genomics and proteomics) problems utilizing the algorithms and data structures of Computer Science. Along with designing algorithms, efficient and high-performance pipelines to design models are also created in the form of web-servers, CLI tools, library, and standalone software utilizing Machine Learning concepts for the end-users or for researchers to assist in knowledge discovery.

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